Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Grow Taller 4 Idiots - Jill went down an amazing 15 kg

After failed attempts to lose 15 kg Jill wanted to give up. When friends told me about a weight method where lax go to meetings and dieting became interested Jill and tested. -Before I deleted pictures of myself - today I'd like to be in the photos.

Grow Taller 4 Idiots:25-year-old Jill Mattson was greater than their peers in elementary school. But it was in his early teens that she realized it was overweight and not just a few extra pounds that she was dealing with.
I bought candy as consolation:
During his time as overweight Jill had no barriers when it came to food, she ate everything she was hungry and did not listen to her body if she were measured.

- Where I fancy something I ate. After a tough day, I bought bulk candy on the way home as some sort of consolation even though it was Tuesday. Everything was good, I took a lot of extra and desserts were obvious at the restaurant visit. I could eat just because I was bored when I was home.
"Hypo powder diets and candy rain"
Throughout this time, Jill felt uncomfortable in her body. Now and then she tested methods to lose, but none worked.
- I tried with candy rain, powder diets and going to the gym to compensate for unhealthy eating habits. However, the motivation disappeared always disappeared after a week, so no method has been sustainable in the long run.

"It was this that helped me to lose weight"
When some friends of Jill tipped off and told about Weight Club Jill felt that perhaps it would work for her too. So she got up and started right away.
-What appealed to me most in the beginning was that you could handle everything on your own and you do not have to go to any meetings. It's that, plus all the encouragement, information, blogs, diary and all the good advice found on the page that helped me lose.

Happier and 15 kg lighter:
Today, Jill lost 15 kg and feel younger and stronger. From having weighed 92 kg, she is now down to 77 kg and is continuing her weight journey. Except that she has become slimmer, also weight the trip gave her a better life.
- A while ago I went on a beach holiday and realized that I liked every picture taken of me.Previously, I always deleted all the pictures where I did not like the way my body looked. I am also more active and moving now and have noticed that the pain in my body that I have ever had has disappeared thanks to exercise and weight loss Grow Taller 4 Idiots

Jills 5 wt tricks:
It's great to have milestones, so that not all the way feels unattainable long.
, Find your exercise! There is something for everyone and you have to dare to try some different shapes to notice what is right for you.

-Be your closest friends and family understand that you want to make a change. It becomes a pain if you have to defend your choice as soon as it is offered in something and you decline.

-Sure there are days when it maybe was not as planned with food and exercise. Then it is important to consider why it went wrong and how to avoid it next time you find yourself in the same situation.

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