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Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review - Discover Bornholm gastronomic offer

Each year meet Denmark's best chefs on Borehole

Here they compete to make the best frontiersmen of local produce.
fact that the competition is held at the Borehole is no coincidence.
This year's race was decided on June 22 when some of Denmark's best chefs cooked locally sourced food in the resort Gudgeon on Borehole Island's east coast. Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review The cook who made the best frontiersmen won the contest - "Sun over Gudgeon". The name itself comes from a classic dish on Borehole: Smoked herring on rye bread with red onion and an egg yolk, which symbolizes the sun.

Something for every palate

The gourmet feast is kept on Borehole is no coincidence. On the popular island east of Denmark's something for all tastes. Here you can enjoy pursuant smoked herrings directly on the bench outside one of the island's smokehouses, a gourmet dinner at sunset on one of the exclusive restaurants, or even a beer from a local brewery. On Borehole grows even Denmark's most exotic fruits, such as figs and mulberries.

The cheese - which crowned the best in the world

Here you can wander around and discover for yourself the gastronomic offer, stop by for a farmer and sample award winning cheeses watering of the mouth or try different meat products, chocolate or ice cream. Of course, do not miss the fresh fish: cod, herring, salmon and other specialties. Borehole is known not only within the country - much of it locally sourced food are also exported abroad, including the cheese Sct Clemens Damnably named "world cheese champion" in Wisconsin twice and might be something to take home as a culinary memory. Read more about the culinary Borehole here

Tip: A selection of gourmet restaurants

Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review:It is not very difficult to find a cozy restaurant with unbeatable food on Borehole. But there are some that stand out extra. Here are three tips on restaurants that will give you unforgettable experiences:
Bandeau - On the southernmost tip of Borehole is this little gem that serves you great food from the very best ingredients that Borehole has to offer - and wines from organic vineyards. Degauss sister restaurant in Copenhagen was also recently a Michelin star.

Stammershalle - This intimate hotel restaurant is located between Angeline and Gudgeon on the north side, and was nominated for the award for the best accommodations and dining experience in the Danish restaurant guide 2012.

Sanson sommerk√łkken - Opened in the summer and is a classic hotel with a restaurant right on the ocean. Saigon is known from Copenhagen, where it was previously, but closed the fall of 2012 just to open its doors again - at Borehole. It keeps it open until 21 September, for this season.

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